Elderly Woman Dies After Car Accident in Ridgewood, New York

June 15, 2012 – Ridgewood, New York – Oftentimes, pain from a car accident injury does not immediately appear, especially in people with existing medical conditions. Recently, a woman died after being hit by car, even though she did not appear to have serious injuries at the scene.

Based on an accident report in the New York Post, on Sunday, June 10, an elderly woman was hit in the leg by a car, which occurred at Fresh Pond Road around 6 p.m. While she did not seem to have suffered any serious injuries from the accident, an ambulance transported her to Elmhurst Hospital for a thorough medical evaluation. Soon after her admittance to the hospital, she died from cardiac arrest.

While it’s unclear whether the hit from the car precipitated the heart attack, police do not believe there was any criminal intent in the accident. In difficult cases like this, evidence can often prove fault of a negligent party in which the victims can be compensated for the losses they have endured.

Seeking Help After a New York Car Accident Injury

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