Driver Located in Hit & Run Accident: Know the Evidence That Can Help Locate Hit & Run Drivers

Hit and run accidents are especially devastating. So when a loved one is killed in this type of crash, family members want nothing more than to seek justice. The family of a 31-year-old male, who was recently struck and killed while crossing a street in Brentwood, will get just that.

Police were able to locate the 47-year-old driver from Long Island who fled the scene of the crash after locating his damaged vehicle.

Hit and Run Crash Statistics 

According to New York City’s Department of Transportation, there was an increase of 30 percent in fatal hit and runs in 2012. Separately, pedestrians accounted for most traffic deaths overall (hit and run, or not) at 148 compared to 73 motor vehicle occupants.

But hit and run accidents, especially those involving pedestrians, appear to be a growing problem in other parts of the nation as well. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that one in every five pedestrian fatalities in the United States involves a hit and run.

Evidence to Locate a Driver in a Hit and Run Case

Criminal investigations into a hit and run may uncover evidence such as paint from the vehicle that has transferred onto the victim’s clothing or other objects. But sometimes a surviving victim or witnesses can identify other details that may be useful as evidence to locate the driver.

Pedestrians can I.D. a hit and run driver using the following: 

  • license plate number;
  • make of the car;
  • model of the car; and
  • color can be very helpful.

If the hit and run occurred at an intersection, there may be footage from a video camera that captured the accident.

No matter the circumstances, it’s important that victims and/or families seek advice from an attorney to figure out how to pay for: 

  • medical bills;
  • lost wages; and
  • other damages related to the accident. 

An attorney can help explore options for: 

  • submitting an insurance claim against one’s own insurance;
  • filing a claim against the at-fault driver; or
  • pursuing a civil lawsuit if the driver is caught.

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