Defective Wires & Cable Equipment in a Work Accident

Defective equipment like wires or cables can cause serious or even fatal physical harm. When working in construction or similar industries, there are numerous hazards that could exist. Although some hazards are just part of the job, others can be caused by someone else’s carelessness or recklessness. When this is the case and it involves a third party, an injured worker might be entitled to file a claim against the third party in New York with an injury attorney. Depending on the details, negligence could be found with a sub-contractor, property owner, manufacturer and/or others.

Causes of Defective Equipment Involving Wires 

One of the biggest concerns regarding defective wiring is the risk of a work accident involving electric shock or electrocution (death by electricity).

This can happen under various circumstances, such as with loose, damaged, live or exposed wiring, or if the power supply to electrical equipment hasn’t been turned off or grounded. When insulation on wiring becomes worn, it can expose the wires. Another problem is when electrical systems aren’t wired with circuit breakers or fuses.

Defective wires can be found within a building (inadequate wiring), in the use of power tools and extension cords. Older electrical components may also increase risk of a work accident involving defective equipment, and could lead workers in New York to an injury attorney for help filing a claim if the hazard was known or should have been known.

Possible Injuries from Work Accidents Involving Defective Wiring

One of the most common types of injuries is electrical shock. There are several factors that determine the severity of a shock; for instance, the amount of current and how long the individual has contact with it. The pathway through which the current travels is another factor, along with the presence (or lack of) water.

Wet conditions – whether on the ground or on the person’s skin, such as through sweat – can make the shock more potent. And whenever metal makes contact with faulty wiring, such as through a tool or when a worker is on a ladder, this could increase the chance of severe or fatal injuries.

The effects of electrical shock can include a slight tingling sensation, pain, involuntary reactions, loss of muscle control, and even cardiac arrest. In the most severe case, electrical shock could even cause death.

Burns are another type of injury that can be caused from defective equipment. Not only can the skin be damaged, but so can the tissues and bones. Burns can also occur when there is too much current flowing through a wire. This can cause the wire to heat and potentially spark a fire.

Causes of Defective Cables & Possible Injuries 

Defective equipment involving cables is another hazard when working with or around such equipment. Cables that hoist equipment or elevators, and attachments, such as on a crane, have the potential to cause injuries. Some crane operators may hoist equipment beyond the crane’s weight capacity, which can cause the crane to break or tip over.

A crane used beyond capacity could lead to an object falling and hitting someone, or it could cause a worker to fall. Falls can cause serious injury such as broken bones, head trauma, and more, while falling objects could cause similar or crushing injuries. New York injury attorneys would examine details of the case to determine the cause of the work accident and work towards determining the liable parties.

New York Injury Attorney Can Help Determine Liability for a Work Accident

After a serious or fatal work injury, the next step should be talking with a New York injury attorney about liability and an injury claim. For instance, a third-party contractor who incorrectly installs wiring or cables or who fails to maintain equipment could be held liable. Manufacturers of defective wiring or cables could be liable, as well as property owners who do not maintain electrical equipment or cables.

In New York, an injury attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates may be able to help. After looking over the details surrounding the accident, we can evaluate the possible cause and if a third party may be responsible for the work accident. If so, we can assist with filing a claim and determining the types of compensation that could be recovered to cover damages suffered as a result of the defective equipment.

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