Defective Vehicle Parts

Defective vehicle parts are the second leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S., only behind driver error. While some defects and malfunctions in vehicle parts can be minor, easily fixed and inconsequential, such as a broken cup holder, in the worst cases, defective vehicle parts can cause deadly accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective vehicle part, or if a loved one has died as a result of such a defect, you will likely qualify to file a legal claim seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.

To find out if you are eligible to file a legal claim, contact Gacovino, Lake & Associates today. Our staff of well-trained, highly skilled legal professionals is dedicated to aggressively representing the rights of those who have been injured as a result of defective vehicle parts. We have an impressive track record of going up against corporate lawyers and insurance companies to help our clients recover the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to.

Types of Defects in Vehicle Parts

Various parts of motor vehicles have been found to be defective and, in turn, contribute to serious crashes and injuries. Examples of recent defective vehicle parts include defective:

brake systems
car seats
designs (i.e. Designs that shape a vehicle to be narrower and taller make that vehicle more top-heavy, thereby significantly increasing the risk of rollover.)
door locks
fuel and gas tank systems
steering systems

Although it may be hard to know when your car has a defective part, should you suspect a defect, consult your mechanic for a thorough inspection and ask him whether any recent recalls have been issued for a part on your vehicle.

Compensation for Defective Vehicle Parts

Should a defective vehicle part cause a serious crash resulting in severe injuries and/or deaths, affected parties can learn more about their legal rights and get their case started by attending a complimentary initial consult with an experienced lawyer at Gacovino, Lake & Associates.

We are committed to providing injured clients and families with thorough representation by:

Personalizing the attorney-client relationship
Putting the client’s needs first
Getting each client through the legal process as efficiently and favorably as possible
Fighting for the highest possible recovery so they can get the help they need and move on with their lives

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a defective auto part and you are in need of a personal injury attorney who will investigate every shred of evidence in your case, contact Gacovino, Lake & Associates for help. We have devoted our practice to helping injured victims and families recover compensation for their losses, and will fight aggressively to ensure that any wrongdoing committed by an auto parts manufacturer is exposed. To schedule a free and private consultation with a qualified attorney, contact us today.

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