Daughter Questions Father’s Death at Pittsburgh Assisted Living Facility

February 22, 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA – The family of Aido Giannini, 85, of Turtle Creek, is questioning whether his death on Nov. 10, 2010, was due to a heart attack as they were told by the assisted living facility where he lived, or whether neglect played a role in his death.  CBS Pittsburgh reports that recent inquiries into the death of Giannini and 2 other residents on the same day have raised questions about whether or not these deaths could have been prevented. The Juniper Village assisted living facility in Forest Hills reported that he and 2 other residents passed away that morning and their deaths came after several other staff members and residents reported feeling ill.  The facility reported that Giannini’s last call to the nurse’s aide was at 5 p.m. the night prior.

His daughter, Kim Bogesdorfer, believes her father began feeling ill around 12:30 the morning of his death. It wasn’t until 6:42 a.m. that she received a call from the nursing home about her father’s condition, and paramedics were not contacted until 6:47 a.m.  The Allegheny County Medical Examiner reports that 2 other residents from Juniper Village passed away on the same day, an 85-year-old and a 101-year-old. Staff members told Bogesdorfer that her father died peacefully in his sleep and his death certificate states a heart attack as the cause of death.

In an effort to clarify the matter, Bogesdorfer has requested that her father’s body be exhumed and an autopsy performed by former Allegheny County Coroner Cyril Wecht. Her goal with the examination is to see if her father’s death could have been prevented or if the assisted living facility may have been negligent in providing adequate attention to her father’s suspected condition.

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