Dangerous Side Effects of Ambien (Part B)

The most dangerous Ambien side effects are the unconscious behaviors of patients while under the influence of Ambien.

After taking Ambien, many patients reported that they performed activities that they were unaware of, such as:

  • driving;
  • eating;
  • making phone calls; and
  • sleepwalking.

Many police officers have pulled over drivers who were swerving or driving recklessly only to find them impaired by Ambien. Reports of car accidents caused by Ambien-impaired drivers are similar to reports of accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Ambien side effects such as abnormal sleep behaviors generally affect older adults. The chances for abnormal sleep behavior increase when the patient does not regularly devote 7-8 hours to sleep when taking Ambien.

The unconscious behaviors experienced during Ambien use are a special type of acute memory loss or “amnesia.” Many patients who experience these Ambien side effects are unaware of their actions until speaking with someone who witnessed their behavior.

Lawsuits Regarding Ambien Side Effects

Several patients who have been seriously affected from their Ambien-induced sleeping behavior have filed class action lawsuits. One case involved a woman under a normal prescribed dose of Ambien who woke in the middle of the night, got into her mother’s car and crashed it into 2 other vehicles. She later awoke in a jail cell, completely unaware of the event.

There is some argument as to whether Ambien users can be held liable for their actions when it is found that they were affected by Ambien side effects at the time of such incidents. If you have been injured from Ambien side effects, or if you have experienced other adverse actions because of Ambien side effects, you should consult with a New York personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

Contacting a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

When prescription drugs such as Ambien cause serious side effects that may lead to serious injury, you should not be liable for the damages that occur to you and your family. The drug manufacturer or your prescribing physician may be at fault for a wrongfully prescribed dose, or a dangerous side effect that should have been checked.

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