Corona Bottles Recalled for Glass Shreds in Beer

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Select packages of 12-ounce Corona Extra are being recalled after it was reported that glass shreds were found in the beer.

According to Corona, the voluntary recall covers 12-ounce clear bottles in select six-pack, 12-pack and 18-pack packages containing bottles with the production codes listed below.

Routine inspections in the company’s quality control laboratory detected the defects in certain bottles that could cause small particles of glass to break off and fall into the bottle.

The affected bottles came from one of four glass plants run by a third party manufacturer that supplies bottles to the company.

The company believes that less than 1 percent of the bottles produced from the plant may be affected, but it is recalling select packages that might contain defective bottles to ensure consumer safety.

To date, the company has received no reports of injuries resulting from the affected bottles.

Consumers who have bottles marked with the production codes below can visit http: or call 866-204-9407 for reimbursement.


G014C059 G024B069 G214C069 F294A049
G024C059 G034C069 G244B069
G064A059 G044C069 G244C069
G064C059 G054B049 G254C069
G074B059 G054C069 G264C069
G104A049 G064C049 G274C069
G104C049 G074B049 G294B069
G114C049 G084B049 G304B069
G124C049 G084C069
G134C049 G094B049
G144C049 G094B069
G154C049 G104A069
G164C049 G104C069
G244C049 G114C069
G254A049 G124C069
G264A049 G164A069
G274A049 G174B069
G304C059 G184B069

The following products are NOT being recalled:

  • Corona Extra cans
  • Corona Extra 24-pack loose bottles
  • Corona Extra 24 oz. bottles
  • Corona Extra draft beer
  •  Corona Light bottle
  • Corona Light cans
  • Corona Light draft beers
  • Corona Familiar
  • Coronitas

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