Construction Site Safety Tips

Construction sites are some of the country’s most dangerous workplaces. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 13 construction workers die on the job every day. Construction site fatalities also accounted for 12 percent of all fatal work injuries in 2011. Because of the high rate of injury and death on construction sites, workers must be diligent in practicing workplace safety.

These tips can help avoid construction accidents: 

  • Always use harnesses when working on scaffolding or working on the roof. Falls are the number-one cause of all construction site fatalities, accounting for 35 percent of the total, according the BLS.
  • Use protective gear and equipment at all times. This should include hardhats, gloves, face masks, goggles and, occasionally, ear plugs.
  • Be aware of coworkers and know where they are in relation to your workspace.
  • Keep areas clear of debris and clutter. This can easily cause slips, trips and falls for unsuspecting workers.
  • Be sure to lift with the legs, not the back. Lifting the wrong way can cause acute and chronic back issues.
  • Know where all construction safety equipment and fire extinguishers are located.
  • Attend all training programs and know on-site policies and procedures.
  • Report any hazardous, dangerous or suspicious conditions to a manager immediately.
  • Learn to use all tools properly before operating them.
  • Always use guards and safety devices on tools, if available.
  • Switch off and properly store all tools and equipment once finished using them. Never leave them out in the open.
  • Always label any tool or machine that is out of order or not operating correctly.
  • Use handrails when on scaffolding, stairwells and other elevated platforms.

If followed, these construction safety tips can help reduce the chance of accidents and injuries. Anyone hurt in a construction accident is encouraged to call 800-246-HURT (4878) to discuss their legal options with an attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates.

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