Construction Accidents Present Danger to New York Employees

According to, a construction worker working on a landmark townhouse conversion recently suffered a serious injury when a jackhammer fell on his feet. This is not the first serious construction accident that occurred this summer either, as there have been a series of accidents in the construction of the 4 World Trade Center project. 

Construction accidents like those occurring in New York this summer can be dangerous or even deadly. Workers in New York who are injured on construction sites may be limited to making Workers’ Compensation claims, except in certain cases where a safety violation has occurred and they are given the right to sue under New York labor law. 

Workers’ Compensation provides for payment of medical bills as well as for partial payment of lost income because of days of work that are missed from the injury. 

Those who are not working on a construction site but who are simply near to a site when an accident happens may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for injuries they suffer. Whether they will be able to recover or not will depend upon whether the accident and injury were caused by negligence at the construction site. 

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