Concert Stage Collapses, Lawyers Looking for Class Action Lawsuit

Have you heard about the fair? The Indiana State Fair, that is. On August 13th, part of the stage’s structure came apart, and came crashing down in the middle of a Sugarland concert.

And now the lawyers are asking the court to include this case as a class action lawsuit. One potential plaintiff, Angela Fischer, was with her boyfriend in front of the stage when it collapsed. She claims he picked her up and ran the other way, virtually saving her life. She was not hurt, harmed, or bruised; yet she is claiming emotional damages because she was affected psychologically. Gimme a break!!

These attorneys say that potentially anyone in the 12,000+ crowd that night could be included in the lawsuit for the same emotional damages. Is this justice? Or is this just some more American citizens living up to our “sue-happy” stereotype?

Don’t get me wrong. The justice system’s foundation is built around those injured or those who have suffered wrong-doing to get compensation. But how is somebody – unscathed from the incident – in the crowd any different from a child watching this collapse on television?

Heck. If you go on google you can probably find a video about this accident. You want to join the class action suit, too?

Whether you agree with this blog post, or you agree with the lawyers pushing the class action, I know this event stirs up some controversy. We want to hear your opinions. Please comment on this post, retweet this article on Twitter, or check out our Facebook page. Please contact one of our attorneys at 1-800-246-4878 for more information. Feel free to stop by our website.

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