City Bus, Tractor Trailer & Van Involved in Queens Accident in Hollis

December 20, 2010 – Queens, NY – According to New York Daily News, a New York City bus, a Goya delivery truck, and a van collided on Friday, Dec. 10 in the neighborhood of Hollis.  The multi-vehicle accident happened at around 2 p.m. on Hillside Avenue. Several people were injured in the accident, and there was gridlock and severe destruction at the scene.  According to witnesses to the accident, the driver of an empty MTA bus lost control of the vehicle while driving down a ramp from the Clearview Expressway. The city bus collided with a mini-van and both vehicles continued forward into a parked Goya delivery truck.  The tractor trailer delivery truck was tilted up onto its side and it crashed down upon a parked SUV. The wreckage pinned the smaller passenger vehicle between the bus and the truck.  Rescue workers had to cut victims from both the SUV and the van. Amazingly enough, while several people were taken to the hospital after the accident, the 6 people who were injured in the crash did not receive life-threatening injuries.

In addition to the significant damage to the vehicles involved—the mini van was nearly cut in half by the force of the impact—the collision resulted in the destruction of a light pole and several parking meters.  According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, there were 1,156 fatalities as a result of traffic accidents in the state of New York.

To help raise awareness of traffic safety in the New York area, our firm will frequently publish blogs about traffic accidents that occur throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. We do this to raise awareness about the common types of motor vehicle accidents that occur in New York that may result in serious injury or traffic fatalities.

Among the most common types of car accidents in New York are:

  • accidents caused by hazardous road conditions;
  • single-vehicle crashes;
  • rollover accidents; and
  • “distracted driver” accidents or crashes caused by intoxicated drivers.

If you have been named in this blog or you are the victim’s family member or friend and would like the blog removed from our website, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly accommodate your request.

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