Children File Suit over Fatal Wrong-Way Crash that Caused Mom’s Death

The four surviving children of a 48-year-old, medical technician, who was killed in a wrong-way crash on a highway, have filed a wrongful death suit over their mother’s death.

The suit filed in July, names the driver, Weers, his father and the Community Counseling Center where Weers was a resident at the time of the July 11, 2011 accident. The suit also claims that Weers, who was under treatment for schizoaffective disorder, was using illegal drugs and was impaired at the time the victim was killed.

Weers faces murder charges for the crash, about which the prosecutors allege he deliberately drove the wrong way onto the highway. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Weers had a history of mental illness. He was living in subsidized housing for psychiatric patients at the time of the crash. His attorneys previously stated that he was prescribed 5 psychiatric medications in 2010 but had not taken them for several days before the crash.

The lawsuit states that the action of staff at the Community Counseling Center was negligent for failing to exercise ordinary standards of care for a patient with Weer’s disorder. The Community Counseling Center is experienced with adults who have mental health issues, as well as patient dealing with addiction issues.

The suit further stated that staff knew, or at least should have known, that Weers was a reckless driver, who disobeyed traffic laws and that he was likely to injure someone while driving.

The suit also names Weers’ father, who owned the vehicle Weers was driving, saying he knew his son would be a danger behind the wheel.

The Community Counseling Center did not return a call for comment.

No amount of money could take the place of these four children’s mother. However, the children not only lost their mother, they also were financially dependent upon her.  This is a tragic loss and although no one can bring their mother back, the children need to be compensated financially by the responsible parties.

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