Checking Toy Safety after the Holidays

The rush of Christmas toy shopping may be done but parents and caregivers should still be aware of potential hazards. Many will be using gift cards or returning toys for new ones in the coming days, so toy safety is still important. Additionally, parents will want to check out the toys that others have purchased for their children to ensure their safety.

Here are some things to keep in mind when checking toys for safety after the holidays:

  • be aware of small parts that could become a choking hazard to young children;
  • make sure stuffed toys are washable (otherwise there is the potential for bacteria to grow on them);
  • toys made of fabric should be flame retardant or flame resistant;
  • toys that are painted should be free of lead; and
  • art materials should be nontoxic.

It is best to avoid toys that have been handed down or are older. They may not meet the current safety standards or could contain unknown hazards.  If you believe your child was injured because of a dangerous product, you may need to seek legal counsel. Contact a New York defective product attorney to learn what your rights are and if there are legal options available to pursue.

Contacting a New York Defective Product Attorney

When you have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved one because of a defective product caused by negligence you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages and suffering. Consulting with a New York defective product attorney can help you better understand your rights, determine liability for your injuries, and decide if filing a defective product claim is right for you.  At Gacovino Lake & Associates we have formed a dedicated network of defective product attorneys to serve clients nationwide. Our New York office serves residents of the 5 boroughs with their auto accident, medical malpractice, defective drug, premises liability, and Workers’ Compensation claims. For experienced help with your defective product claim, contact us today– 1-800-246-4878.

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