Card Table/Chairs Set Poses Fall Risk and Finger Amputation

Most product recalls stem from a particular hazard, such as the risk of choking. But others—like the recall recently announced for card table and chair sets—could be dangerous for more than one reason. These not only have a fall hazard but the risk of injury to fingers.

Mainstay’s five-piece card table/chairs set – sold at Walmart stores around the country – has already resulted in ten reports of injuries after chairs have collapsed (one specific report indicated a sore back).

There have been additional reports of finger injuries in the Mainstay Card Table and Chair Set including: 

  • sprains;
  • fractures;
  • three fingertip amputations; and
  • one finger amputation.

These products were sold between May and November 2013 for around $50. Consumers are advised to immediately stop using the table/chairs sets and return them to Walmart for a full refund.

When an Injury from a Product Could Lead to Compensation

Not all injuries that stem from a defective product will lead to a claim. Falling after a chair collapses usually won’t cause significant injury unless someone strikes his or her head or sustains a serious neck/back injury. The loss of a finger would certainly warrant pursuing compensation as well.

Product liability claims can be challenging to prove. However, when there has been a recall, this can help build a strong case on behalf of the claimant. If the problem mentioned in the recall is the exact type of injury suffered, it may help even more.

Again, the physical harm must be significant enough that it would be worth the time and effort of filing a product liability claim. Using the example of someone losing a finger, this could allow for compensation related to the medical bills and missed time from work. But there may also be damages available for disfigurement or disability.

The best thing a consumer can do is seek legal advice. An attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates can advise of your rights to file a claim and the options that could be available. Call 800-550-0000 to set up a consultation with a lawyer.

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