Car Crashes into Queens Plaza Building Killing Pedestrian

April 1, 2011 – Long Island City, New YorkMy Fox New York reports that a car crashed into the Queens Plaza Building, killing a pedestrian on Monday morning.  At approximately 4 a.m. on Monday, March 28th, an unidentified 31-year-old woman drove her Volkswagen into the Queens Plaza Building at Crescent Street and Queens Plaza in Long Island City. The vehicle ended up overturned inside the building.  The Volkswagen first jumped a curb and struck an unidentified 68-year-old female pedestrian, killing her. The driver and at least 1 other person were injured. The driver was taken to Cornell Hospital in stable condition.  The New York Police Department has issued an investigation into the fatal pedestrian accident.  When someone else’s careless or recklessness causes you or a loved to suffer injuries, or if a loved one was tragically killed, then you may be entitled to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Consulting with a New York personal injury lawyer should be your next step in order to determine what legal options you may have available.  A New York personal injury lawyer will collect all pertinent documentation and evidence that will help to build a solid case. Your lawyer will work hard to help you fight for your personal injury claim. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, there were 1,156 fatalities as a result of traffic accidents in the state of New York.

To help raise awareness of traffic safety in the New York area, our firm will frequently publish blogs about traffic accidents that occur throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. We do this to raise awareness about the common types of motor vehicle accidents that occur in New York that may result in serious injury or traffic fatalities.

Among the most common types of traffic accidents in New York include:

  • accidents caused by hazardous road conditions;
  • single-vehicle crashes;
  • rollover accidents; and
  • “distracted driver” accidents or crashes caused by intoxicated drivers.

If you have been named in this blog or you are the victim’s family member or friend and would like the blog removed from our website, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly accommodate your request.

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