California Family Awarded $4.5 Million After Sheriff’s Beat Son to Death

A California family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against four Sheriff’s deputies who allegedly beat the couple’s son to death.  The jury awarded the victim’s family $4.5 million after finding the deputy acted negligently, causing the death of the boy and severe emotional distress to his parents, who witnessed the beating.

The medical coroner ruled that the victim, who was high on methamphetamines, died of cardiac arrest in December 2010, following police restraint. The victim’s family also stated that their son had mental health issues, as well.

The Chief Deputy County Counsel believed that the jury’s findings and the amount awarded to the victim’s family are excessive.  He stated that the deputies’ use of force was justified because the victim was allegedly mistreating family members the night of the incident.

Even if the victim’s behavior was irate and difficult to restrain, there were four deputies against one boy. The deputies should not have used so much force on an individual, that it takes their life and not be held accountable. It is not known whether the boy died from cardiac arrest from the drugs or from the beating he sustained from four deputies.

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