Bus Company Pays $15 Million to Man Who Lost Part of Leg

An 85-year-old man who lost part of his leg after a public bus hit him in a Southern California crosswalk settled a lawsuit this week for $15 million. This settlement was made just before the jury reached their verdict, which would have given him even more.

Julio Huayanca settled with the company that owns the bus, Southland Transit Inc.

Julio was struck in a crosswalk in August 2012. He underwent seven surgeries, leaving with a below the knee amputation of his right leg.

The driver was cited by police and fired by Southland Transit Inc., which had a contract to provide city bus service in Baldwin Park, City News Service reported.

Southland Transit acknowledged liability for the accident and the jury was asked only to award damages.

Lawyers reached the settlement, and then the Los Angeles Superior Court jury announced that they had reached a verdict.

Judge Marc Marmaro allowed the reading of the verdict, which held that Huayanca was entitled to more that $17 million.

It was reported that the $15 million settlement stands.

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