Brain Injury from New York Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding can be fun, but it comes with serious risks. Motorcycle accidents can be more serious than those in passenger vehicles due to motorcyclists’ lack of protection. A traumatic injury, such as a brain injury, can be common in motorcycle accidents. These traumatic injuries require the help of a New York personal injury lawyer to get the compensation victims need to recover.

Motorcycle accidents cause more than 3,000 deaths in the United States every year, and tens of thousands more are injured. Even if you wear a helmet, a brain injury from a motorcycle accident is still likely. Contact a New York personal injury lawyer if you suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Types of Brain Injuries

There are several types of injuries that can affect the brain, including:

  • Fractured skull — For the most part, a fractured skull does not require medical attention. However, there are instances when a fractured skull can affect the brain. It can cause damage to nearby arteries and veins. A serious injury also can cause the skull to push inwards toward the brain, causing damage.
  • Spinal cord damage — Injuries to the spinal cord can affect nerves and fibers that travel to the brain. Spinal cord injuries can cause a variety of medical conditions, such as paralysis and osteoporosis, changes in sexual activity, and bowel function.
  • Traumatic brain injury — A traumatic brain injury can range from mild symptoms such as a concussion to severe conditions such as mental disorders, communication problems or even coma. It can also cause breathing problems and other problems that can make daily activities difficult.

A brain injury caused by a motorcycle accident can cause damage to many parts of the body. A brain injury can cause not only physical damage, but also emotional changes, including:

  • memory loss;
  • difficulty concentrating;
  • lack of motivation;
  • irritability;
  • anxiety; and
  • depression.

If you suffer physical or emotional problems because of a brain injury, contact a New York personal injury lawyer.


Although there are no guaranteed ways to prevent a brain injury, there are several things you can do to prevent such an injury from occurring. It is important to wear the right clothing and equipment. Helmets, jackets, long pants, riding boots and gloves can protect you in the event of the motorcycle accident. Having the right helmet is especially important. If the helmet does not meet state standards, has been in a previous accident, does not fit properly, or is cracked or broken, it will not protect your head well in the event of a motorcycle accident. You should replace it with a new helmet.

You should inspect your motorcycle before riding. Checking for proper tire pressure or any types of damage can prevent accidents from happening.

Driving safely for road and weather conditions is also a good way to prevent a motorcycle accident and subsequent brain injury. Slow down in inclement weather and be alert to road hazards. Do not drive recklessly or get too close to other vehicles.

Contacting a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting legal help immediately following your motorcycle accident is crucial. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, including medical bills, pain and suffering, surgery, rehabilitation, and lost wages. If your loved one suffered a brain injury, and died as a result of a motorcycle accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Your lawyer can review your case and determine your rights.

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident, consult New York personal injury lawyers at Gacovino Lake & Associates. They have settled a wide range of personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents. Call them today at 1-800-246-4878 for a free consultation.

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