BPA Now Banned in Baby Bottles

According to a report in Today Health, BPA (bisphenol-A) has now been banned in baby bottles and sippy cups. 

In conjunction with efforts made by the American Chemistry Council, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that any sippy cups or baby bottles manufactured starting in Oct. 2012 cannot contain BPA. 

However, many of the manufacturers of baby product have already stopped using this chemical, because of ongoing safety concerns. This is leading to additional efforts to ban the use of BPA in other products. 

Legislation has already been introduced asking for a ban on BPA in: 

  • food containers;
  • water bottles; and
  • canned food. 

However, the makers of BPA say that the chemical is safe. Previous research on rats and other animals has linked the risk of developmental problems in babies and young children. These risks are believed to affect the nervous and reproductive systems. 

However, the FDA wouldn’t accept findings based on animal testing. Instead, they are spending their own money to try and determine if there are health dangers associated with BPA. 

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