Bounce House Dangerous for Kids

In the last month, two bounce-house injury and accident stories have made national news.  In both incidents, an inflatable playpen being used by kids was picked up and carried away by an unexpected gust of wind.  There are several thousand injuries relating to bounce houses each year.

Here are some safety tips to consider before endangering your children in a bounce house:

1. Secure Your Bounce House.

In less than one month, two separate incidents have shown how dangerous an inflatable bounce house can be if it is not properly secured. Two young boys were hospitalized with serious injuries after their unsecured bounce house was blown over by wind, throwing them at least 15 feet to the ground.

2. An Adult Should Be Present at All Times.

A bounce house may be a fun activity for children, but it is important to have at least one adult present in case of emergency.

3. Read All Warnings on the Bounce House

Many accidents occur because parents fail to read the warnings before use. However, if the warnings were defective, parents may have cause to sue the manufacturer.

4. Consider Liability Waivers

Before inviting kids to a use a bounce house, you should consider requesting parents to sign a liability waiver before letting their kids use the bounce house. Trampoline parks have had success in using them to ward off injury suits.

5. Know Who May Be Responsible if Something Goes Wrong.

If your child is injured while using a bounce house, you may consider the following parties potential liable:

–       Location Owners. Whether it’s a house party or a state fair, the property

owners are likely liable for bounce house injuries under a premises liability theory.

–       Amusement Workers. If a private company provided, inflated, or otherwise

managed the bounce house, it and its workers can potentially be sued for negligence if an accident occurs.

–       Manufacturers. If a defect with the bounce house caused the injuries, a

manufacturer may be held liable for any injuries under a variety of legal theories.

If you or your child have been injured in a bounce house accident, contact one of our Gacovino Lake attorneys at 1-800-246-HURT (4878).

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