Botched Flu Shot Results in Corrective Surgery, $50,000 Lawsuit

December 2, 2010 – Houma, LA – A woman’s botched flu shot has resulted in corrective surgery and a $50,000 medical malpractice lawsuit, reports.  On September 16, 2009, Cynthia Thibodeaux, a retired school teacher, went to the Terrebonne General Medical Center Outreach in Southland Mall to receive a flu shot. Mamie Ross, a nursing student at Fletcher College, administered the shot. The student allegedly used “considerable force into the top of [Thibodeaux’s] right shoulder joint.”  The shot caused Thibodeaux to bleed profusely for about half an hour after the shot was administered. Later that day, Thibodeaux says she was unable to lift her arm. She went to Terrebonne General Medical Center for treatment.  Thibodeaux suffered shoulder and joint pain, a torn rotator cuff and other problems as a result of the shot. Surgery was required to treat those issues.  According to the lawsuit, damages are estimated at more than $50,000. This includes both physical and emotional damages, according to Thibodeaux.  The lawsuit is being filed against Fletcher College. Thibodeaux’s attorney, Brent Rhodes, stated that one of the primary reasons for filing the lawsuit is the fact that the state does not recognize Fletcher College as a qualified healthcare provider.  Thibodeaux’s case is pending trial.

Contacting a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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