Birth Injuries

Each year, thousands of babies are put at risk for injury because of physician error, negligence, or medical malpractice. Our birth injury attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation.

Damage to the Brain

Some types of birth injury—including cerebral palsy and other types of brain damage—occur when the blood flow from the mother to the infant is compromised in some way during the delivery process. If blood flow is restricted, whether because of uterine rupture, eclampsia, or other problems, the baby’s brain will not receive the oxygen it needs, and birth injury will occur.

If your child suffered trauma at birth and you would like to find out if you have a legal claim, our attorneys can help. The highly qualified personal injury lawyers at Gacovino, Lake & Associates are experienced in cerebral palsy and other birth injury litigation. Seeking the assistance of our qualified attorneys may be the boost you need in your case.

Other Leading Causes of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can also result when an infant’s shoulder is trapped behind the mother’s pelvic bone. Medical malpractice can aggravate this problem, known as “shoulder dystocia.” If a doctor fails to alleviate the problem in a timely manner, or makes it worse by attempting forcibly extract the infant, he or she can do damage to nerves in the shoulder, and cause a birth injury known as Bell’s Palsy or Erb’s Palsy, where parts of the arm and hand are paralyzed.

Preventing Injuries at Birth

Any kind of distress to a baby before, during or after the birth process may lead to a debilitating birth injury that can cause permanent disabilities. To prevent disabling birth injuries, the attending physician needs to act quickly by ordering an emergency caesarian (“C”) section or any other appropriate action at the first sign of fetal distress.

If your physician failed to act appropriately, you and your child may be entitled to financial compensation. For legal guidance in your potential case, please contact our birth injury lawyers. Gacovino Lake & Associates can assist you in your birth injury case. Our lawyers offer comprehensive case evaluations and can help you determine whether you have a viable claim. We understand that birth injuries are emotional and can change a family’s life forever.

Contact an Experienced Birth Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has a child who suffered an injury at birth, we guarantee to handle your case with compassion and dedication and will fight aggressively to ensure you recover the compensation you need to give your child the highest quality treatment possible. For more information, please contact our law offices in New York today.

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