Biomet Metal Hip Implant Lawsuits Moving Forward

The Biomet hip lawsuits allege that the Biomet Magnum hip replacement design was fatally flawed. The metal-on-metal hip replacement implants caused more pain and damage than good.

Similar to the DePuy hip replacement, Biomet is an artificial hip replacement system designed with metal-on-metal.  Many problems result when the metal pieces rub together while the patient moves about.  It is believed that tiny pieces of metal fragments pass into the tissues, as well as the blood stream. Not only have some patients suffered tissue damage or necrosis, which can result in bone loss, many have wound up with blood poisoning.

Many of the lawsuits were filed due to the wear and tear of the metal-on-metal hip implants, themselves, which caused severe pain from the hip actually breaking down. The suits allege that Biomet knew this either in testing or after their hip replacement was made available.

There are only about 750 cases against Biomet, which is a small fraction when compared to the size of the DePuy cases, most of which are largely resolved. Biomet is ready to go to trial in 2014. However, plaintiffs want a trial date in 2016.

If you or a loved one had a Biomet metal hip implanted and experience pain and suffering, you may have a claim. Contact one of our Gacovino Lake attorneys at 1-800-246-HURT (4878) for information.

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