Beware of the Toxic Tushie Injector!

Oneal Ron Morris, a transgendered, self-proclaimed doctor, charged a victim $700 for a series of injections that were promised to enhance the 30 year old victim’s rear end.  The procedure was performed in a residential home in the Miami Gardens neighborhood.  This should have been the first red flag.  No real surgeons perform any procedures on patients in a home.  The procedure was so agonizing for the victim that she requested he discontinue at once.  She went to two hospitals to seek help but never told them the cause of her pain.

A second suspect, Corey Eubanks, was arrested yesterday.  Police say Eubanks assisted Morris. Both suspects are charged with assisting a fake doctor accused of leaving patients with life-threatening injuries from a buttocks-enhancement procedure that involved injecting a toxic variety of household and automotive chemicals into their bodies.

Eubanks, 40, of Hollywood, was charged with 2 counts of unlicensed practice of a healthcare professional with serious injuries, and 2 counts of acting as a principal of the crime. Morris’ clients believed they were getting a backside enhancement. What they really got, according to police, were injections of cement, mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat (a tire repair material), and SuperGlue. This was established following initial lab analysis conducted by medical personnel. The injections left all victims quite ill, most ending up in the hospital. “Injection sites were bleeding and puss was excreting,” said the report quoted by NBC.

At the end of the second woman’s procedure, Morris covered injection sites with cotton ball dabbed in SuperGlue. When the victim called Morris twice after the procedure with health concerns, Morris first recommended soaking in Epsom salt and then suggested she “tell the hospital she had MRSA (a staph infection resistant to most antibiotics) and the MRSA treatment would resolve her symptoms,” the affidavit said. The woman who was told to do salt soaks underwent surgery twice at Memorial Hospital West in Pembroke Pines to remove cysts and a lymph node, according to police. She also received two blood transfusions and needed home healthcare for four months. Both victims eventually recovered.

As a result of the national and international media attention that Morris’ arrest has received, many other possible victims have come forward alleging Morris performed similar procedures on them also resulting in life-threatening injuries.

Police suspect that Morris is part of a network of scam artists who prey on people who want to change their appearance but can’t afford to pay for traditional cosmetic surgery.

In a time where the entire country is in a recession, it is apparent that people will go to lengthy measures to save a buck or two. But in the long run, other people are out to take advantage of anyone they can, and it proves detrimental. These “victims” were just looking for a boost to their self-image, but instead, they were left with reminders (both physically and emotionally) of their bad decisions. Is this justice?

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