Best Biking Practices: Staying Safe on your Motorcycle

Unfortunately, the road is not always a safe place for motorcycle riders. 

Before heading out on a ride, take a look at these safety precautions that could help you stay safe while riding this season: 

  • before you leave the house, make sure your fluids are topped off and your bike is in good working order – check the lights, breaks and tires;
  • wear bright clothing, turn on your lights and do your best to stay visible to other drivers, even in the daylight;
  • take your time when passing vehicles and allow yourself enough room and to do so safely;
  • always wear a helmet and have any passengers riding with you wear a helmet;
  • never drink alcohol or use drugs if you will be driving a motorcycle;
  • obey the speed limit and other posted signs and laws;
  • avoid riding in the rain or other dangerous weather conditions; and
  • consider taking a motorcycle safety course to familiarize yourself with how to respond in certain situations that are unique to motorcyclists.


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