Being bullied at work after an accident? What to do to stop the harassment.

A workers’ compensation claim is designed to get you the help you need after an accident on the job. However, an unintended result could make you a target of the office bully. Roughly 54 million Americans report being bullied at work and if you find that upon returning to work you’re greeted with less than friendly co-workers, there are things you can do.

  • Stay calm – Don’t give a bully the pleasure of seeing you get emotional over their actions.
  • Confront them – Calmly tell the bully that you’re not okay with their behavior, you won’t tolerate it, and you’ll report them if it continues.
  • Document everything – Write down the time, date, and details of any time you feel bullied or threatened. If the bullying is occurring via e-mail or in voicemail form, keep copies and send them to your personal accounts for safe keeping.
  • Report it – If despite your efforts the bullying continues, you need to bring it to the attention of a supervisor or human resources department. Bring your documentation and be sure to file a formal complaint.

Even with the best intervention and mediation, a situation may not be resolvable. Be prepared to ask to be transferred or even find a new job. Feeling threatened or unsafe in the workplace is a serious issue and should be addressed. You have the right to a conflict-free work environment.

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