Backlog in GM Recalls Repairs: New York Car Owners, Get Your Vehicle Repaired!

General Motors has been at the heart of a number of recalls in 2014 for its faulty ignition switches. Despite the fact that these GM recalls were issued months ago, many vehicle owners have still not had repairs conducted on their vehicles. 

GM Ignition Switch Recalls of 2014 

In February 2014, 1,620,665 GM vehicles were recalled for a defect in the ignition switches, which could cause the vehicles to shut off unexpectedly. In late March 2014, the ignition switch recall was expanded to include an additional 970,741 vehicles. And in April 2014, 2,591,406 GM vehicles were recalled for yet another ignition switch defect. This time, the recall was issued because a defect in the ignition switch could cause the key to unexpectedly fall out.

Then in June 2014, 3,360,555 GM vehicles were recalled because an ignition switch defect could cause affected vehicles to shut off unexpectedly. Months later, almost half of affected vehicles have not been fixed.

Many Drivers Have Not Had Their Vehicles Repaired 

Nearly half of the vehicles recalled for faulty ignition switches in GM vehicles have not yet been repaired, despite months passing since the original recall was issued. Part of the problem is on the shoulder of vehicle owners, many have not sought repairs following the recall.

However, many vehicle owners who tried to get their vehicles repaired nine months ago are still waiting. Dealerships are backed up and some can’t handle the volume of vehicles needing repairs, and many vehicle owners are feeling frustrated as a result. According to a November 2014 article in the New York Times, many vehicle owners have written to federal regulators, expressing frustration and asking questions about what is taking so long.

A Deadly Delay 

The biggest concern about the delay in repairs is the high risk it poses to vehicle owners. In October 2014, a fatal crash involving a defective Chevy Cobalt killed the 25-year-old driver, Brittany Alfarone. Alfarone’s mother told reporters that she had tried to repair the vehicle twice, but was turned away by both dealers where repairs were sought. Investigators are looking into a possible link to the faulty ignition system.

Seek Legal Recourse if You’re the Owner of a Defective Vehicle 

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