Avoiding Road Hazards When Riding a Motorcycle

Driving a motorcycle is much different than driving a car. Things in the roadway that we dismiss while driving in a car, such as leaves, gravel, and small animals can cause injuries and accidents while on a motorcycle. There are ways to avoid common road hazards that you may experience as a motorcyclist.

Slick surfaces pose a threat to motorcycles because of its light structure and having only two wheels. Motorcyclists are more likely to slide and end up in an accident. Leaves, oil spots, rain and snow can cause a road to become slippery. When maneuvering through these objects, it is best to slow down, avoid sudden moves, drive in the least slick part of the road, and use both sets of brakes.

There may be times when road hazards come upon you suddenly, and you must drive over them. Road hazards include potholes, dead animals and branches. When driving over such hazards, you should hang on tight, keep a straight course and rise up to absorb the shock.

No matter how hard you try to avoid certain surfaces and road hazards while riding a motorcycle, accidents still happen. If you suffered injuries from a motorcycle accident, get legal help. Consult New York personal injury lawyers at Gacovino Lake & Associates. They will review your case and determine your rights to compensation. Call them for a free consultation at 1-800-246-4878.

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