Accutane Side Effects: Warrant for Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

Some isotretinoin (Accutane) side effects may be severe and may cause serious complications. For pregnant women and some others, this may even be considered a dangerous drug. A lawsuit may be filed in some cases, with which a lawyer at Gacovino, Lake & Associates based in New York can help, if a medical professional’s negligence is to blame for any injuries. 

Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. no longer manufactures Accutane, although generic versions of isotretinoin are still available. The medication may be prescribed for severe acne, called nodular acne, when other treatments or medications do not produce results. However, it also comes with a risk of side effects, which may be heightened for some individuals. 

Accutane Side Effects: Birth Defects and the iPLEDGE Program 

Women who take isotretinoin should not be pregnant or should not plan to become pregnant. 

Serious isotretinoin or Accutane side effects include: 

  • birth defects;
  • miscarriage; and
  • premature birth. 

Wholesalers who distribute the drug, healthcare professionals who prescribe it, pharmacies who dispense it, and patients (male and female) who take it must register for the iPLEDGE program. The program aims to ensure women do not start using the medication if pregnant, and that women already using the medication do not become pregnant. 

Women are counseled before a prescription is written, and the professional who prescribes the medication must verify within the iPLEDGE system that he or she counseled the patient. The program asks women to commit to using two forms of contraception simultaneously for the month before taking the medication, throughout use of the drug, and for a month after taking it. 

Further, women must take two pregnancy tests before initial prescription, and one before receiving the prescription each month. 

If a medical professional does not adhere to the iPLEDGE program, he or she may be considered negligent in allowing patients to take isotretinoin or Accutane without following protocol. In this case, the patient may be able to file a dangerous drug lawsuit if a child is born with birth defects linked to the drug. 

Other Isotretinoin or Accutane Side Effects 

Some who take this drug may also suffer mental health problems like depression, psychosis, or suicidal thoughts. Patients taking this drug are encouraged to report any signs of mental health problems to a doctor right away. 

Other potentially serious side effects of isotretinoin or Accutane include: 

  • seizures;
  • stroke;
  • trouble breathing;
  • vision problems;
  • severe stomach or chest pain;
  • impaired hearing; and
  • severe allergic reaction. 

Patients should also report symptoms of these complications to their doctor immediately. Some common, but less serious side effects might include dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, and dry nose or nosebleeds. 

Patients are advised to inform a doctor if pregnant or planning to become pregnant, and of any history of mental problems, diabetes, asthma, liver problems, allergies, or health conditions that may put him or her at greater risk of side effects and complications. Medical professionals who fail to take these factors into account when prescribing a potentially dangerous drug may be liable for resulting complications. 

What if I need to file a dangerous drug lawsuit? 

Damages stemming from serious isotretinoin or Accutane side effects can include any medical expenses you have incurred. If you were out of work for an extended time, your earnings may be recoverable through a dangerous drug lawsuit. An attorney will evaluate all of your financial losses and can help collect the necessary medical evidence for your case. 

Other types of damages can address pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability and more. If you believe that the use of isotretinoin or Accutane caused you to experience complications, contact an attorney at New York-based Gacovino, Lake & Associates. We will carefully review the details of your case and explain the legal options that may be available. Call us today at 1-800-246-HURT (4878) to discuss isotretinoin or Accutane side effects and whether they may warrant a dangerous drug lawsuit. 

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