Accutane: Risks and Side Effects

Accutane is a prescribed medication used in the treatment of serious forms of acne that have not responded well to other treatments such as nodular acne and cystic acne. Accutane is a very serious and strong medication and should be used only after medical advice is obtained and warnings explained.

Accutane was removed from the U.S. market in 2009. However, generic versions are available. It is important to remember that generic versions are just as dangerous as the brand name Accutane.

Acne is created when too much oil clogs the skin pores. This can result in a build-up, later resulting in pimples. The pimples can later turn into nodules, if not treated. The nodules can last a long time and can be painful. The nodules can eventually turn into cysts. If a person has cysts, the may have to be drained by a doctor.

Many people have taken Accutane for their acne. Even though the drug is not available in the U.S., generic versions are, but there are consequences

Accutane is a chemotherapy drug. Chemotherapy drugs are very powerful and have significant side effects.  Although acne can cause psychological issues, it is not cancer. It seems extreme to use chemotherapy to clear up acne since there are many other treatments available.

Side Effects of Accutane:

Just to show how dangerous the side effects of Accutane are, before taking the drug, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required that your pharmacist ask you specific questions and have you sign a form. Unless you sign the form, you couldn’t even use the drug.

The manufacture of Accutane, Roche, failed to warn people about side effects such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Roche collected billions of dollars while people received these lifelong diagnoses.

Many Accutane lawsuits were filed against Roche for this reason.  Other adverse side effects from Accutane are causing birth injuries in children, causing pregnant women to have miscarriage, premature birth or even stillbirth. Pregnant women should not take Accutane. Accutane has also been linked to serious depression and suicide. Mental side effects of the drug include anger, sleeping too much or lack of sleep, depression, sadness, and anxiety. Unfortunately, a number of teenagers killed themselves after taking Accutane.

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