A Look at Some of the More Than 17.8 Million Vehicle Product Recalls in 2012

More than 17.8 million recalls that occurred in 2012 dealt with vehicles, equipment and child seats, objects that families use every day on the assumption that they function correctly. While it is not uncommon to receive a notice from your vehicle’s manufacturer about a recall, for example, is this sufficient information to rely on for the lifetime of your car purchase?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), consumer complaints are often the impetus for recalls, rather than originating from the manufacturers themselves. When looking at trends, however, the good news is that products appear to be getting safer, thanks to diligent citizens.

There has been a decline in the number of complaints since 2010 (65,765).

In 2011 that number dropped to 49,417, and last year it decreased to 41,912.

Top 10 List of Product Recalls

When considering the number of vehicles and equipment impacted by a recall, be aware that the following are the top 10 most recalled for 2012 (in order from most recalled to least);

  • Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing – 5,330,643;
  • Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) – 3,363,343;
  • General Motors LLC – 1,476,319;
  • Ford Motor Company – 1,398,837;
  • Chrysler Group LLC – 1,334,541;
  • Subaru of America, Inc. – 962,123;
  • BMW of North America, LLC – 561,335;
  • Mazda North American Operations – 269,890;
  • Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center Inc – 261,543; and
  • Kia Motors Corporation – 240,235.

Filing a Defective Product Claim

To file most personal injury cases, you have to establish first that someone else acted in a careless or reckless manner. With a defective product claim, strict liability applies. It doesn’t matter if another party was negligent; as long as a defect exists and it causes injury, someone may be held liable.

Liability for vehicle defects can include:

  • car dealership;
  • shipper;
  • auto supply store;
  • manufacturer of the vehicle or parts; and
  • anyone else involved in the making or selling of the product.

In some cases, more than one party can be liable. At Gacovino, Lake, & Associates, we understand the complexities of this type of claim. We are here to help if you are looking for legal advice.

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