5 Safety Tips to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring Riding

It’s getting near that time again when the temperatures will finally be warm enough to break out the motorcycle. Although it’s tempting to get it out of storage right away, hop on and take a ride, before you venture out onto the roads, keep the following safety tips in mind to make sure your motorcycle is ready for the season.

Preparing your bike for the motorcycle season:

  • Refer to your owner’s manual. Some maintenance on a motorcycle is universal. But some instructions might apply specifically to your bike, so take the time to read through the owner’s manual.
  • Inspect the tires and wheels. Look for any wear, cracks or bulges. Check that nothing is embedded in the tires. Also make sure the wheels (and spokes) aren’t broken or dented. The tires may also need to be filled with air, so refer to owner’s manual or tire for the appropriate air pressure.
  • Inspect the frame. Check for any dents or hairline cracks in the frame. Also make sure all hardware (mounting brackets, nuts and bolts) is tightened.
  • Ensure the lights work. Make sure all lights (brake lights, turn signals, headlight, etc.) are working properly. Look to see if the lenses are clean, securely attached and not broken. Also check that the headlight is appropriately aimed. 
  • Check the brakes. Look to see if the discs or brake pads are worn and need replacing. Make sure there aren’t any cracks in the brake line. Ensure there’s enough brake fluid. 

These are just some of the ways a motorcyclist can prepare for a safe spring riding season. Also remember the importance of wearing protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, eye protection and proper clothing that covers your body. Failing to plan can create hazards that put you and others at risk of injury.

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