5 Mistakes to Avoid after Suffering a Car Accident Injury

After being injured in a car accident, it is important you don’t make the following five mistakes. It could hamper your ability to gain compensation for your personal injuries. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident 

  • Telling someone you’re OK – Do not tell the other driver or police you are OK. Let the medical professionals decide.
  • Refusing medical care – After a car accident, you always should seek a thorough medical evaluation. Sometimes pain from an injury does not present itself until a day later, which will make it hard to attribute the injury to the accident.
  • Providing a statement to the insurance company – The other driver’s insurance company likely will call you for a statement about the car accident and how you physically and mentally feel. Do not give them any information.
  • Failing to follow doctor recommendations – Just because you don’t feel hurt doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt. It’s imperative you follow all of your doctor’s recommendations, including taking medications, making follow-up appointments, and reporting any problems.
  • Losing track of documents – To build a personal injury case, you need to have all car accident and medical documentation. Keep a folder with all documents you collect from the day of the accident until you meet with a lawyer. 

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