4 Ways New York Drivers May Avoid Distracted Driving

Consult with a New York car accident attorney about your legal options if you are the victim of a crash that was caused by a distracted driver. Distracted driving is an increasing problem for motorists on the road. The temptation to answer a phone call or text message or even to peek at Facebook may lead to a serious or fatal crash. 

Other distractions may also get in the way of a driver keeping their eyes on the road. Drivers may be distracted if they eat while driving or input information into a GPS system. Even a loose pet roaming around the vehicle can be hazardous. 

Take a look at these four ways you may prevent distracted driving from becoming a habit in your life: 

  • put your phone away, and remember that using a hands-free device can be a distraction, too;
  • eat before driving or wait until you reach your destination;
  • set up your GPS and music before driving and pull over to make adjustments; and
  • secure your pet in a crate or harness. 

Whatever distracted driving habit you may have, there are ways to combat it. Those phone calls, text messages, or social media updates can wait until you arrive safely at your destination. 

These tips may make the roads safer not only for yourself, but for other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and more. 

Contacting a New York Car Accident Attorney 

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