4 SUV Safety Tips for New York Drivers

No matter the accident type, a New York car accident attorney can help you figure out your next move when considering filing a claim to recover compensation for damages. One type of accident with which SUV drivers may be concerned is the rollover accident, which may result in significant injuries and damages. 

The following are four safety tips for those who drive an SUV: 

  • get an anti-roll bar installed if one is not included;
  • do not increase SUV height, as this may only further increase the chance of a rollover;
  • slow down and obey speed limits, as driving at a high rate of speed and overcorrecting increases the chance of losing control; and
  • avoid sharp turns and swerving around traffic, as this may cause the vehicle to flip and roll. 

Follow these tips and be sure to follow all of the rules of the road. Be sure to buckle up every time you get behind the wheel – SUV or not – as this may help reduce the chance of ejection from the vehicle in a rollover accident. Also be sure to maintain the vehicle and always ensure the tires are safe for use on the roads. 

Contacting a New York Car Accident Attorney 

If you or someone you love was seriously or fatally injured in a car accident, compensation may be available. To learn about your rights, contact a car accident attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates. We can help determine if you have a legitimate claim and who may be held liable. Contact us today – 800-246-4878.

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