4 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Undergo Plastic Surgery

Whether a plastic surgeon is sought in order to reduce scarring from an accident or to make aesthetic improvements, it’s critical to choose the right one. The wrong one could cause injuries (such as a botched job) or complications (such as infection). But in some cases, it could even be a deadly decision.

Breast augmentation, liposuction, Botox injections and tummy tucks are just some examples of procedures that a cosmetic surgeon may perform. When they go wrong, people can suffer all sorts of physical harm — including hemorrhaging, chronic pain and disfigurement. Before going under the knife, ask these questions.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Is the plastic surgeon board-certified?

The title “plastic surgeon” in and of itself doesn’t necessarily mean the individual is certified. Potential patients should check the American Board of Medical Specialties to learn if the doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Any medical professional can perform cosmetic surgery legally, but those who are board certified have undergone the necessary training.

Does the plastic surgeon have hospital privileges?

Not only should it raise concerns if a plastic surgeon doesn’t have hospital privileges, but it’s also an indication that should something go wrong, there may not be easy access to a hospital. Even those who practice at an outpatient facility should have hospital privileges.

Has the plastic surgeon faced disciplinary action? 

Some states will provide information regarding any disciplinary actions or medical malpractice suits against the surgeon. The New York State Department of Health allows searches to be done on physicians in order to see if they have faced professional misconduct and physician discipline actions.

Is the plastic surgeon OK with performing several procedures at one time?

When a plastic surgeon has no problem with doing several surgical procedures at one time, this is a red flag. It’s likely his/her interest is the money and not the patient’s safety. It’s risky to undergo too many surgeries at one time.

Safety First

The boom in plastic surgery procedures has created a false sense of security in the public. Citizens need to perform their own research before hiring a doctor. It helps to look at the procedure as a contracted service and perform due diligence before “hiring” the doctor. But there is only so much a non-medical professional can do. Thus, Gacovino, Lake & Associates takes on medical malpractice claims for plastic surgery mistakes. Call 800-550-0000 for a consultation.

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