30,000 Breast Implants Recalled

There’s two big problems coming out of France, and the French authorities currently have no plans on paying for replacement surgery.

Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) has recalled 30,000 women’s breast implants in France for using a type of silicone gel, which is not intended for medical use.

Plastic Surgeon Laurent Lentieri says that the eight patients who received these implants and developed cancer are not related to the recalled implants.

Dr. Lentieri says that the implant recall is simply preventive and not precautionary, as these implants have a higher rupture rate than the usual breast implant silicone gel. “The risk is not at all linked to cancer, these women are not in danger of death. They can spend Christmas and New Years calmly, but gradually they have to go see their surgeon.” Some New Years resolution, eh?

French authorities have said that costs involved in removing the implants would be reimbursed, but there currently is no plan to reimburse replacement costs.  The French government has formed a special committee to look at the issue, and these implants are currently banned in France.

However, these implants made by PIP are exported to tens of thousands of women in Britain, Italy, Spain, and other European nations, yet there are no recalls made by their governments.

It isn’t right that these women elected for surgery (and already paid for it once), and are now expected to pay again (for two additional surgeries) because the silicone is faulty. Is this justice?

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