3 Things to Look for When Purchasing Children’s Clothing with Drawstrings

Due to a strangulation hazard, drawstrings in jackets, sweatshirts and other children’s clothing should not be worn. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) passed a rule in July 2011 pertaining to the dangers of drawstrings; however, you may end up purchasing clothing with drawstrings or be given them as a hand-me-down. Not only should caution be used with those strings that are around the neck area, but even waist drawstrings should be considered dangerous.

Here are 3 things to look for when purchasing children’s clothing with drawstrings: 

  • You should not be able to pull the string to one side or another (drawstring should be stitched in the back).
  • When the clothing item is at its widest, the amount of string left hanging should not be more than 3 inches long.
  • There should not be toggles and other attachments found on the drawstring.

Even waist drawstrings pose serious risks to a child. For instance, the string can get caught on car doors and playground equipment. It can lead to a child being dragged by a vehicle, strangulation or accidental hanging.

Products that are designed for children should be made with their safety in mind. Otherwise, it could result in a manufacturer being held liable for any resulting injuries.

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