23-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident Dies after 7-Minute CPR Delay

November 23, 2010 – Fort Worth, Texas – The family of a deceased young man who spent his final days in a nursing home is expressing disbelief and anguish at what they believe was a clear case of nursing home neglect.  The Star-Telegram reports in a November 15 article that Evan Fleming, 23, of Fort Worth, Texas, died September 14 in DFW Nursing Home & Rehab after staff members waited 7 minutes to begin CPR and other life-saving measures when the young patient stopped breathing.  Fleming was staying at the nursing home facility after a serious auto accident in August left him with a traumatic brain injury and other debilitating injuries. He was moved to the nursing home as he recovered from surgery to address his severe accident injuries. He spent only 1 week in the facility before the fatal incident occurred.  Records show Fleming stopped breathing and nursing home staff members were ill-prepared to handle the emergency situation. They spent several minutes trying to verify whether Fleming had a “do not resuscitate order,” information that should have been readily available. Fleming did not have such an order, and chest compressions and other life-saving measures should have been started much sooner than the 7-minute mark.  The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services has released information that suggests that nursing home neglect played a role in Fleming’s death, though the official cause of death has been connected with his accident injuries.  A few examples of signs of nursing home neglect at DFW Nursing Home & Rehab include:

  • 7 nurses did not have current CPR certification;
  • facility records for patients were considered “unreliable” and “were not used”; and
  • emergency response carts lacked necessary supplies.

DFW Nursing Home & Rehab has undergone an audit since Fleming’s death in efforts to protect the 63 residents at the facility. There are new policies for CPR certification and patient labeling to prevent additional errors with do not resuscitate orders.

Contacting a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

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