$20 Million Awarded in Case Involving Liposuction Death

December 9, 2010 – Philadelphia, PA – A $20 million award in a medical malpractice lawsuit has been upheld by a Pennsylvania appeals court, the King of Prussia Courier has reported.  Though the case was challenged by plastic surgeon Richard P. Glunk, Pennsylvania Superior Court panel judges found that the decision by a Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas was sound.  In 2001, local college student Amy Fledderman, 18, went to Glunk’s clinic for a liposuction operation. Fledderman suffered complications during the surgery and died at the clinic.

It was later determined that Glunk’s clinic was not properly licensed at the time of the operation.  The jury has awarded Fledderman’s family $20 million in their lawsuit against Glunk and his nurse, Edward J. DeStefano. Punitive damages total $15 million of that award. An additional $2 million has been awarded to Fledderman’s mother for emotional distress as she was forced to stand by for more than 2 hours while Glunk refused to have her daughter transported to a hospital.  The Pennsylvania appeals court has completely rejected the argument of the defendant that $15 million is excessive for punitive damages. Furthermore, the appeals court ruled that evidence showing that Glunk’s clinic lacked a proper license was legal and permissible.

Contacting a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

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