10 Safety Tips for Boarding & Leaving a School Bus

While the bus is a commonly used form of transportation to get to and from school, it also can be dangerous. This is especially true when students are getting on and off a school bus.  

The following are ten safety tips for boarding and leaving a school bus: 

  • students should always be visible to the driver;
  • students should stay on the curb until the door opens;
  • if students miss the bus, they should never run after it;
  • handrails should be used when getting on or off the bus;
  • students should avoid being anywhere near the tires of the bus;
  • before crossing in front of the bus, students should make sure the driver gives them a signal it’s safe to do so;
  • if students drop something while getting on or off the bus, they should ask for help instead of trying to retrieve it;
  • students should be far enough away from the bus that they can’t touch it;
  • students shouldn’t walk behind a bus; and
  • students should never dart out in front of a bus. 

Contacting a New York Personal Injury Attorney 

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