Construction sites are inherently dangerous places for a number of reasons. Despite there being significant state and federal oversight, workers and visitors alike suffer common injuries each year. Construction ranks among the riskiest professions for occupational injuries.
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What Causes Most Long Island Construction Accident Injuries?

Most construction site accidents are entirely preventable. If everyone follows all rules and safety protocols, workers are usually protected from injury-causing accidents. Using the right protective equipment and acting in a reasonable way can go a long way in preventing injuries. When injuries do occur, however, they often happen because of negligence, carelessness, or lack of proper supervision and oversight. Here are some common causes of accidents in the construction industry.

Trips, Slips, and Other Falls

Serious slip and fall injuries occur more often than most people realize. It is one of the most common types of injury we see in our clients year after year, after car accidents. While a fall can happen anywhere, construction sites pose a few unique risks. You are more likely to fall from a height, such as off of a ladder or scaffolding, on a construction site. Without the required fall prevention equipment, this can lead to devastating injuries or even death.

Crush Injuries from Workers Caught In or Caught Between Objects

If there is poor communication, lax oversight, or ignored safety protocols, crush injuries can easily occur. Forklift operators may hit and run over workers, unsecured building materials can fall, trenches sometimes collapse, and loads can shift.

Injuries from Falling or Airborne Objects

Using the proper safety equipment and following procedures and protocols closely can help prevent injuries from falling or flying objects. While a hardhat will not save you if a steel beam swings uncontrolled from a crane or a hammer falls several stories, these situations are often easily avoided. If others fail to prevent the situation in the first place, the victim may suffer catastrophic head trauma, neck injuries, or even death.

Electrical Shock Hazards

Only trained and qualified workers should be working on or around live, exposed wiring, but this is not always the case on a construction site. Contact with an unfinished electrical job because of lax safety measures can have devastating consequences. Some power tools also create an electrical shock hazard for untrained workers or those who do not operate them according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Defective Equipment Accidents

Occasionally, a defective tool or part causes a construction site injury. This could happen with heavy machinery, power tools, or a specialized tool. When any of this equipment malfunctions, it can create a hazard that causes injuries. When this occurs, we can sometimes hold the equipment manufacturer, maintenance team, or another third party responsible for your injuries and damages.

Other Construction Site Injuries

Your employer may also be responsible for other types of construction site injuries. This could include almost any injury or illness suffered on the job or because of your work. Some common examples include frostbite in winter, heat exhaustion or dehydration in the summer, back injuries from improper lifting, or repetitive motion injuries. You can get workers’ compensation benefits for any of these workplace injuries.

Who Is Financially Responsible for My Injuries?

Who pays for your medical care and lost wages after an accident depends on the facts of your case. When we meet to discuss what happened, we can identify all potentially liable parties for you. For example, if you suffered an injury on a jobsite during work hours, your only option is to file a workers’ compensation claim. We can guide you through this process. On the other hand, if you were visiting the construction site at the time of the accident, we may need to file a third-party liability insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit to recover your losses.
New York has complex construction accident liability and workers’ compensation laws, making it difficult to determine your legal options for compensation. Having an attorney familiar with this type of situation on your side can help identify the liable party in your case. Depending on the details of your accident, the financially responsible parties could be:

  • The property owner who failed to repair hazards or warn visitors;
  • The property occupier who put you at an unreasonable risk;
  • A motorist who caused a collision on the construction site;
  • A contractor or subcontractor whose employee acted negligently;
  • The manufacturer of a defective part that caused your injuries; or
  • An employer who failed to follow regulations, leading to your injuries.

Once we have a better understanding of exactly what happened to cause your injuries, we can explain your options to recover compensation. Most commonly, this includes:

  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim;
  • Filing a third-party liability insurance claim against the negligent party; or
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party.

How Can I Talk to a Construction Accident Lawyer in Bohemia, Long Island?

If you suffered injuries on a Bohemia construction site, you need to understand how complex workers’ compensation and premises liability laws may apply to your case. At Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C., we can help you understand your legal options for compensation and pursue the best option for you.
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