You expect your loved one to receive care and comprehensive attention when you place them in a nursing home in Bohemia, NY. Unfortunately, members of the nursing home staff may not treat your family member with the respect and attention they deserve. Instead, your loved one could be subjected to nursing home abuse.

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Types of Bohemia Nursing Home Abuse

There are many different types of abuse that your loved one could face in Bohemia. Many forms of abuse are considered “elder abuse” as individuals living in nursing homes are often older. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) reviews possible forms of abuse, including:

Physical Abuse

Physical acts of abuse are often what we think of first when considering nursing home abuse. If someone is hit, burnt, slapped, or pushed they could be experiencing physical abuse. Physical abuse may also occur if your loved one is physically restrained and develops bruises from the restraints.

Sexual Abuse

Acts of sexual abuse are not uncommon in nursing homes. Nursing home residents may be unable to consent to any sexual act, even if they are not physically forced into intercourse. These acts should be treated very seriously.

Emotional or Mental Abuse

Members of the staff at a nursing home may yell at, berate, or talk down to your family member. These actions may be considered emotional or mental abuse. Calling your loved one names or making threats may also be considered emotional abuse.

Financial Abuse

Sometimes, staff members at a nursing home may take money or valuables from your loved ones. This form of financial abuse could also come from other visitors to the nursing home or even other nursing home residents.


Neglect is a hurtful act that may be considered more passive than active abuse. However, it may be just as harmful. Neglect may occur if nursing home staff members fail to provide your loved one with the medical care, food, or drink that they need. Some nursing home staff members may restrain your loved one and leave them alone for a long period of time.

Take Steps to Report Nursing Home Abuse in Bohemia

If you suspect that your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse in Bohemia, you may want to report your concerns right away. You may want to bring your concerns to the New York State Department of Health. You may:

  • File an online complaint with the Department’s website
  • Call the Department’s Nursing Home Complaint Hotline: 1-888-201-4563

Depending upon the severity of the abuse, you may also want to notify local law enforcement authorities regarding the abuse. Police officers may visit the nursing home and assess the injuries sustained by your loved one. They may end up filing an official report about what happened and the potential abuse.

You may also want to reach out to a Bohemia nursing home abuse lawyer to get help right away. A lawyer may be able to ensure the proper authorities are notified about acts of nursing home abuse. Start reviewing your options in this situation by calling (631) 600-0000.

Responsibility for Acts of Nursing Home Abuse

You may be wondering who could be held responsible if your loved one experienced nursing home abuse in Bohemia. There are several entities that could be considered at-fault for acts of nursing home abuse. They may include:

Members of the Nursing Home Staff

Employees at the nursing home have a duty to care for your loved one and to treat them with respect. However, employees may be overworked, stressed, or poorly suited to work with the elderly or disabled. In these cases, employees may engage in acts of abuse that cause harm to your loved one.

Other Residents at the Nursing Home

Nursing homes are often crowded with patients. You may not know anything about the other nursing home residents. Any of these individuals could engage in acts of abuse. If you suspect other residents are harming your family member, you may want to inform nursing home staff right away.

The Nursing Home Management

Members of the management team in a nursing home may set up policies that lead to acts of nursing home abuse. For example, the nursing home may not have proper hiring procedures put in place. This could allow them to hire individuals without the correct training or experience. They may also provide insufficient oversight, leading to acts of nursing home abuse in Bohemia.

Types of Compensation for Nursing Home Abuse

Your family member may be eligible to receive compensation if they experienced nursing home abuse in Bohemia. In order to get compensation, a lawyer may need to demonstrate that the abuse occurred and that it caused your loved one’s injuries. If these facts are demonstrated, your family member could receive damages for their:

  • Current medical expenses
  • Long-term recovery costs
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

You may begin building a claim right away in this situation by contacting a Bohemia nursing home abuse lawyer for help. Your lawyer may investigate the nursing home, speak with other residents, review your family member’s medical records, and more. Once your lawyer has completed an investigation, they may be able to help you get a settlement or a jury verdict in your favor. This may allow your family to get compensation after an act of nursing home abuse.

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