Teens and adults are suffering from serious and deadly lung injuries related to e-cigarette use. If your loved one suffered injuries or lost their life as a result of vaping, you may be able to hold the product manufacturer responsible.


A nationwide outbreak of pulmonary complications has been linked to vaping, a popular way of inhaling nicotine without smoking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially named the condition “e-cigarette or vaping associated lung injury,” or EVALI. This condition has already left thousands of people with permanent lung damage and contributed to the deaths of dozens of people.

EVALI may occur because of additives used in e-cigarette vape liquid, also known as juice, and the way these products allow users to inhale the vapor into their lungs. The CDC has specifically linked vitamin E acetate with cases of EVALI, although other additives may contribute to this condition as well.

Vaping products are made by many different companies and are also known as vapes, vape pens, e-cigs, e-hookahs, mods, tank systems, and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).

There are also allegations that some vaping companies purposefully targeted tweens, teens, and young adults by selling vape juice meant to simulate the taste of popular candies, cereal, and desserts. The American Cancer Society recently published information of what every parent should know in their FAQ: Vaping and Your Kids, which states “using e-cigarettes – has doubled among teens in the past 2 years.” According to the CDC, the average age of those diagnosed and hospitalized with EVALI as of January 2020 is 24 years old. 15% of those hospitalized were under the age of 18.

Federal oversight of these products now includes limits on the flavors of e-cigarette cartridges and pods available, but there are still concerns about the remaining flavors and systems that allow users to refill their tank or pod with unauthorized (and uncontrolled) liquids.

If you or a loved one suffered lung injuries or a loved one passed away as a result of using e-cigarette or vaping products, our vape and e-cigarette injury attorneys are reviewing cases today. We may be able to help you pursue compensation and hold the product manufacturer responsible.

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