Car accidents occur each day across the state of New York, and for a plethora of reasons. In some cases, accidents are due to reckless or distracted driving, driving under the influence, or acts of negligence by one or more parties on the road.

In other scenarios though, as is the case in accidents caused by unintentional acceleration, resulting injuries may not be the fault of drivers involved, but instead may be attributed to negligent actions by the car manufacturer. If you have been injured in a sudden acceleration crash, speak with an attorney to learn how you can recover compensation.

What is unintentional acceleration? 

Unintentional acceleration is the process by which a motor vehicle accelerates forward without warning. This problem gained massive attention in the United States in late 2009 when Toyota began recalling automobiles that were at risk of sudden unintended acceleration due to the placement of a floor mat. Other automakers have faced this issue as well, such as Honda and Volkswagen.

As in the case of the defects present in Toyota cars, unintentional acceleration can occur due to floor mats being out of place, or even gas pedals becoming stuck on the floor of the car or on other equipment. Unintentional acceleration may also be a result of defects in the electrical or mechanical systems of a car; information presented in a report by the Transportation Research Board suggests that electronics in modern cars may present problems with system design.

Results of Unintentional Acceleration 

If a driver is lucky enough, they may be able to recover from unintended acceleration without incident. Often though, unintended acceleration may lead to devastating accidents, exacerbated by the car’s uncontrollably increasing speed. Unintentional acceleration may lead to head-on or side/angle collisions with other cars, collisions with other property, rollovers, or other accidents that lead to serious injury.

How a Defective Products Attorney Helps You Recover Compensation for Injuries 

In the event that a vehicle defect such as unintentional acceleration causes a serious or fatal accident, a defective products attorney can be beneficial in recovering compensation. In order for an injured party or surviving family member to recover compensation, he or she must demonstrate that a defect existed in the car and that the defect led to the accident and subsequent injuries. A defective products attorney helps gather evidence to prove each one of these elements.

Additionally, a defective products attorney helps identify the party liable for the defect. The defect may have occurred during the manufacturing process, for example, and a legal professional can investigate the accident to locate those responsible.

Discuss Your Case with a Defective Products Attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. 

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