According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly $50 billion is spent on non-fatal fall-related injuries in the United States every year. Most of this is paid by Medicare and Medicaid, and about $12 billion is paid by private individuals. If we calculate the value of a slip and fall accident using these figures, the average payout for a slip and fall may be between $45,000 and $55,000.

However, there is an issue with using medical costs for slip and fall compensation. They only consider direct medical costs such as hospital and nursing home fees, doctor and professional service fees, and insurance processing, as well as rehabilitation, community-based services, and the use of medical equipment. Prescription drugs are also included. The long-term costs of slip and fall injuries may be left out, and you may not be covered for lost income, disabilities, and a lower quality of life.

Filing a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

The financial impact of a slip and fall accident can be devastating. Not only will a family be faced with the rehabilitation and treatment expenses listed above, but a slip and fall accident can lead to a great deal of pain and suffering, emotional and mental trauma, lost work opportunities, and other stresses that severely impact a family’s financial, mental, and social wellbeing.

If you slipped and fell and sustained injuries or damages that were caused by the negligence or carelessness of a property owner or a property owner who did not ensure safe premises for visitors, patrons, guests, or employees, you may be entitled to an injury claim, and you should file a suit for damages.

Pursuing Compensable Losses

A few of the broad categories of losses that you may be able to file a personal injury claim for are outlined below. The average payout for a slip and fall will go up or down based on which of the categories below apply to your injury case.

Present and Future Medical Expenses

Medical bills that are directly related to your personal injuries can be included in your damages claim. The amount you can pursue may include all your bills, a fraction of your bills, or certain categories of expenses. Most slip and fall claims are worth at least the cost of your medical bills, so at a bare minimum, you should be able to recover however much you spent on care and treatment. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may be eligible to file for pain and suffering damages as well.

Pain and Suffering Damages from Slipping and Falling

Compensation for pain and suffering can be difficult to determine because these are noneconomic damages that have no scientific basis for calculation. They are estimates of how much suffering a victim had to endure because of a slip and fall that was caused by someone’s negligence or carelessness. The amount can vary based on the specifics of your case and whether a judge or jury determines that the negligence involved was unintentional, accidental, or willfully malicious.

Lost Income After You Slipped and Fell and Suffered Personal Injuries

You may be entitled to lost income if you missed work because of your injury. If you suffered a severe, career-ending injury such as a spinal cord injury, you may be able to recover lost future lifetime earnings from the at-fault party responsible for your slip and fall accident. If you suffer injuries that make certain forms of work that you used to perform impossible for you, you can also file a claim for diminished earning capacity.

Incidental Expenditures from a Slip and Fall Accident

You may be able to file a claim for incidental expenses that you had to pay because of your accident injuries. If you must travel to doctors’ appointments, seek rehabilitation and therapy from a specialist, pay for assistive devices, or home accessibility improvements, you may be able to recover these costs as well. Any expense that you would not have endured had you not had an accident can be included in your personal injury claim.

Get Help from a Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have suffered a slip and fall accident, the slip and fall accident attorneys at Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. can help you determine what your average payout for a slip and fall accident might be.

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