Negligence During ChildbirthSome of the most devastating medical errors can occur during the most profound moments for a parent. Medical negligence during delivery can injure not only the baby, but also the mother. Some of those injuries can lead to permanent disability, long-lasting brain damage and other consequences.

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Establishing Negligence During Childbirth

Errors during labor can injure the mother and the child. If medical personnel failed to monitor the mother’s or fetus’s condition at every stage of the labor or failed to identify complications like a drop in blood pressure or sudden hemorrhaging, the consequences may be devastating. Failure to take action when discovering a potential complication – like a lack of oxygen to the fetus – also may lead to serious consequences.

Failure to properly use equipment like forceps and a vacuum extractor during the delivery can result in fetal head injuries. Similar to problems during labor, failure to recognize and take action to address complications during childbirth also could lead to injuries.

To establish that you suffer from negligence during childbirth, Gacovino & Lake can help you collect evidence and secure expert witness testimony. Medical records can help establish what caused the child’s injuries, while a medical expert may testify regarding the doctor’s actions and whether he or she followed the accepted standard of care.

Your Malpractice Claim Must Demonstrate the Consequences of Negligence during Childbirth

Medical errors in the delivery room can mean the following possibly permanent consequences to the baby. 

  • Stillbirth
  • Erb’s palsy or Klumpke’s palsy (brachial plexus injuries)
  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Fractures during delivery (such as clavicle fractures)

In addition, the mother could suffer serious injuries that lead to long-term consequences. For instance, failure to address excessive bleeding could result in excessive blood loss and loss of consciousness.

Again, if a doctor was negligent during childbirth, attorneys in New York from our firm will help prove not only the cause of injuries and that the doctor was in fact negligent, but also the consequences. This is important to establish the damages to which you and your child are entitled. For example, our attorneys can help collect any subsequent medical bills to treat the child’s condition.

It’s important to include not only short-term expenses related to the injuries, but also long-term costs associated with the consequences of the injury. An expert witness can provide testimony regarding the long-term prognosis of the child’s condition and any future care and treatment that the child might need. For instance, if the birth injury resulted in brain damage, your child could require long-term care.

Compensation in your claim also may address the child’s or mother’s disability, emotional distress and other damages.

Did your child suffer injuries because Negligence During Childbirth?

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