Injury Due to Air Bubbles in BloodDoctors use chest tubes for a number of reasons. This specially designed tube is inserted through the skin on the side of the body, between two ribs. The chest tube is often used in emergency situations in which immediate drainage is critical to the patient’s treatment. Chest tubes are also used after certain surgeries involving the internal organs in the chest cavity.

Chest tubes are necessary and helpful medical tools and can help save a patient’s life. Hospitalization is typically necessary whenever a chest tube is used in treatment and there is the possibility of injury due to air bubbles in the blood stream.

Proper monitoring of the chest tube insertion site and careful removal of the chest tube are essential. However, there are cases when errors can be made, and one of the most unsettling medical errors in this type of procedure is when air bubbles make their way into the bloodstream during chest tube removal. These air bubbles can be deadly because they can cut off the blood supply to vital organs such as the kidneys, brain, heart or lungs. Death is a possible result.

If you suffered harm we can help you recover damages – these may include medical costs, lost wages or reduced earning capacity, and pain and suffering related to the injury.

Chest Tube Errors and Medical Malpractice

Not all medical errors are considered malpractice. It is important to understand whether you were the victim of substandard care or if the error was an unpreventable event associated with the standard risks of health care. Ask yourself the following questions to help decide whether you were affected by medical malpractice. 

  • Was your doctor or other health professional negligent or incompetent? You will need to prove to a court that your doctor acted in a way that was less than acceptable according to medical standards. Consider whether you would have received a higher standard of care from another similarly credentialed professional in the same circumstances.
  • Did you suffer harm as a result of the error? In the case of air bubbles in your bloodstream, you could have suffered substantial harm. However, you will need to document how you were harmed and quantify your damages in a medical malpractice claim. Did you receive additional medical bills as a result of the error? Did you lose additional time at work because of the error, causing you to lose income? Keep track of your financial and medical consequences.

If you believe you or a loved one were the victim of medical malpractice, speak with our attorneys. A knowledgeable attorney will help build your case against the appropriate party and will be able to advise you of your chances of winning a case in court. Your attorney will manage communications, file your lawsuit and advocate on your behalf.

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