When you go to a doctor, you usually assume the solutions they recommend won’t hurt you. And if there are risks, you expect them to tell you so.  But no matter how well intentioned medical professionals are, the safety of their recommendations depends on the source of their information.  Consider cases involving the transvaginal mesh patch.  When this medical implant came on the market, it was celebrated as a solution to pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence in women.

As with all such products, much of the marketing targeted doctors. Manufacturers showed the research they conducted and recommended this new device as a quality solution for the doctors’ patients.  Doctors studied the information they were given and did their best to understand the risks and benefits.

But when a device is first put on the market, little is actually known about it.

Going off of what information they’ve been given, doctors concluded whether they believed this product would be good for their patients.

Manufacturers of such products are expected to disclose the related risks. But sometimes manufacturers haven’t conducted enough research to know all the risks, and other times they simply hide some of what they do know, leaving doctors and patients with only part of the story.

The transvaginal mesh patch turned out to be a product with many problems.  Six women have already taken these companies to court, and the juries have found in favor of the women.   In fact, juries have been so disgusted that they have ordered these big corporations to pay penalties.

Because of this implant, women have suffered the following problems

  • Mesh erosion: when the mesh erodes and protrudes through the vaginal wall
  • Organ perforation: when the mesh erodes and cuts other organs such as the bladder
  • Extreme Pain
  • POP or SUI recurrence
  • Urinary problems
  • Scarring of the vagina
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage, and
  • Pain associated with sex

Many women have undergone multiple surgeries — sometimes more than a dozen follow-up surgeries — because of the pain and damage caused by the implants.

One manufacturer, Endo, has already begun the settlement process with many thousands of patients. Another manufacturer, Ethicon, has already settled a case of their own.

All cases like this have a limited timeline

All cases like this have a limited timeline for filing complaints so victims can be compensated. We don’t know the exact timeline, but with Endo wrapping things up with victims of their implant, we can only recommend that you move quickly to ensure that your case is positioned for the best possible result.

We know this is a personal topic and can be difficult to talk about. If you’ve been injured by the transvaginal mesh patch, we invite you to call us. Our team is here for you. We do care about you and we want to help you determine whether you can be compensated for your losses. And you don’t need to worry about any fees. If we take a case on your behalf, we will only get paid if and when you do.

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