Covidien Surgical Devices LawyersCovidien is one of the largest suppliers of medical devices and supply products worldwide. While many products designed, manufactured and distributed by this company have been instrumental in treating patients, others may be detrimental and dangerous. If you sustained harm as a result of one of these devices, our lawyers can help you explore liability and pursue the damages to which you are entitled.

Overview of Covidien Surgical Devices

Covidien produces various tools that surgeons use while operating on patients. They include surgical stapling devices, vessel sealing tools, electrosurgical instruments, trocars, and various other tools and advanced technology. While the majority is safe and effective, if a defect arises in one of the instruments, it might lead to serious complications.

Covidien Surgical Devices Recalled

Some of the company’s devices have been subject to recalls. This includes adult tracheostomy tubes in 2012, Duet TRS Universal Straight and Articulating Single Use Loading Units in 2013, and others. The latter recall notice mentions reports of 13 serious injuries and three fatalities and that the Duet TRS may cause injury to anatomical structures in the thorax and may cause life-threatening complications after surgery.

In 2014, Covidien recalled Pipeline Embolization Devices and Alligator Retrieval Devices. The former is used to treat an aneurysm by restricting blood flow and ideally shrinking the aneurysm. The latter is intended for intra-cranial use to retrieve foreign objects. Both devices were recalled because the coating on the devices had the potential to remove itself from the wiring, which then could cause a blood clot within the blood vessels. At the time of the recall announcement, no fatalities and injuries had been reported.

Who’s liable for your injury? 

If you suffer from surgical complications or your loved one passed away after complications during surgery, you probably have a lot of questions about liability. Is the surgical team to blame or was there a defect in one of the surgical devices? Our lawyers can help you review the circumstances of your case to explore liability.

Product liability law requires that medical device manufacturers distribute products that are safe for patients. If your health problems were a result of a surgical device manufactured by Covidien and would not have occurred but for the device, then the manufacturer, Covidien, may be responsible for your damages.

If a surgeon or other healthcare professional used a device improperly or otherwise erred during the course of the surgery, then he or she may be liable. In this case, you must file a medical malpractice claim establishing that the defendant violated the standard of care.

Types of damages that you may be able to receive following a defective product or malpractice lawsuit include lost wages and future lost wages, future and current medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Your attorney can help you further explore damages and the amount recoverable based on the facts of your case.

Get Help from Our Covidien Surgical Devices Lawyers

If a defective device caused you harm, get help from our attorneys right away. An attorney can explain to you the specifics of product liability law or medical malpractice claims, help you prove that a device was defective, and establish your entitlement to damages.

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